Scheduling For A New Generation

Scheduling for many businesses is no longer easy. As we move to a new 'Gig economy' or 'Uber-Style' working, we need a better solution to manage this workforce. Schedulie has been designed specifically to do just that.

Most rostering or scheduling apps are really just an extension of a spreadsheet online. Typically, they have columns with dates, and rows with a list of staff and you put an X where they intersect when you want an employee on a particular date.

Which is fine - if you have a simple scheduling requirement and a small amount of staff. But, what if your needs are more complex? Maybe you need to cater for split-shifts, or staff doing multiple tasks or roles on the same day? Maybe you have projects, or teams - or if you are service provider maybe you need to assign your staff to contracts for your clients?

This is why we built Schedulie. When spreadsheets and paper don't work and other scheduling tools don't match your needs, take a look at what we can offer.

The Gig Economy Challenges

The day of the nine to five and Monday to Friday roster is over. A new 'Gig' or 'Uber-Style' worker is emerging who are dictating when and where they are available to work, not necessarily when you want them to work. Schedulie has been especially designed for these workers.

What type of businesses use Schedulie?

Retail & Hospitality

Shops | Deli | Restaurants

The ultimate gig worker environment, students, part time, weekend challenges

Facilities Management

Catering | Cleaning |Caring

Are your staff working in different locations during the days for varying hours?

Event Management

Trade Show | Gigs | Promo

When you need to organise build or tear down staff, promo and brand ambassadors

If any of these apply to your business then you should be looking at Schedulie

We have large numbers of staff

If you have a large number of staff then existing scheduling tools may not suit, our unique design means you only see the staff you need to.

Our staff change regularly

Staff can be added easily on schedule, there is no complicated form filling etc. Just add a name and go.  Similarly hide or remove the ones you don't want. 

We use teams of people on Jobs

Schedulie has been designed to allow you to create teams of workers to which you can assign to jobs or sub jobs. This also works for your subcontractors.

We have more than one location

You can have as many locations as you wish on Schedulie, linked or not. With advanced geocoding you can also match staff locations with job locations.

We outsource or provide services to clients

Unlike many other scheduling tools we provide client outsourcing, allowing you to track what clients your staff are working for, and invoicing and billing

We need better communications with our staff

Your staff can download an app to keep fully in touch with their schedule. Or alternatively they can receive emails or SMS or visit secure update pages

We need to track our staff hours and time off

This can be done via your staffs app, or via a supervisor or forepersons app. We also provide fixed sign in tablets for secure attendance tracking.

Our scheduling needs can change on a daily basis

This is normal in todays world. With our mobile apps you can modify your schedule from your phones, push updates to your staff or find available staff.

Other reasons?

Do you have problems with your scheduling that are not currently being met? Why not ask us if we can help!

A quick overview of Schedulie

Head over to the Schedulie YouTube Channel to see some of our tutorial videos, so you can see just how easy it is to use Schedulie.

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